The Most Effective
Face Shield in market

The SEE2PRO® Face Shield Visor protects from droplets and splashes of liquids.

Decreases the chance of COVID 19 infection by cough and sneeze or other face contacts.

Mount / Assembly

Flap fold

Fold the flaps carefully by two folding side lines on both sides

Stripe Assembling

Put the stripe in through the first hole, then out through the second hole. Make the same on both sides of the visor!

Elastic band mount

Put the elastic band at the first hole and follow the band to next two holes as shown above.

Docs & Facts

Read before use


CE certified by RISE
Research Institute of Sweden 
See the Certificate


Optical Clear


Easy Storage


Easy operation

Longer Hold

No metal parts



Adjustable Headsize

Easy Takeaway 


Made in Scandinavia


Ideal for: Medical use, Daycare, Garden works, Wall painting, Public Events, Cooking, Shopping, etc.

Latest demands on public are focused on safe professional operating, safe indoors/outdoors. 

SEE2PRO® is a registered trademark and it is a transparent face shield for all.

Medical personnel, Bus drivers, Taxi drivers, Shops & Supermarkets, Patients, Travelers, Customers, Visitors, … everyone could be in need of masks to protect themselves and the others from eventual droplets from each other.

A light weight, SEE2PRO® mask gives the ability to move and operate without any problem. It’s content of clear plastic sheet makes it simple to transport, mount, use – reuse (no metal parts).

Our basic model comes without any prints. 
(mostly used for the companies who wants to brand it with their own logo, a good product for charity where companies can order certain amount for donating to hospitals or other public institutions). 

Face Shield for KIDS

It can be in many different models and designs, for kids. The graphic tapes increases the will to keep wearing as own profile. Suitable to wear for certain time, when kids are involved in public, shopping, travel, events, …